Athleticism 101 with Dr. Tony Moreno Phd.


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Introducing Parents and Youth Coaches to Basic Concepts and Practices in the Development of the Young Athlete

“Athleticism” is that ability where one is capable of creating effective movement solutions to specific movement problems during participation in sport. These movement problems are related to the specific physical and technical demands of a sport during competition. In addition, physical and technical limitations have the potential to cause injury. Accomplished athletes are capable of generating better solutions, and because movement solutions during sport are learned, positive outcomes and experiences are dependent upon an accomplished physical foundation and high levels of sport skill.
The purpose of this informational session is to combine an understanding of sport science with practical examples of how skill acquisition and accomplished movement literacy play a key role in the development of athleticism among youth sport participants. Information with this regard will enable the parent or youth sport coach to better understand the importance of training various bio-motor abilities (e.g., agility, flexibility, speed, power, etc.) with age-appropriate movement experiences for the young athlete.

Guest Speaker: Dr. Tony Moreno PhD

Tony Moreno PhD is a Professor of Kinesiology at Eastern Michigan University (EMU) where he teaches courses in biomechanics and sport performance enhancement. Dr. Moreno created and helped launch the Sport Performance and Fitness Entrepreneurship program at EMU, and over the years has presented at numerous international/national conferences and local clinics in the areas of youth sport development, ACL injury prevention, and sport performance enhancement. Recent research projects have included the determination of mechanical power output during weightlifting, and the biomechanical analysis of the knee and ankle joint while landing from a jump. In addition, he develops material and lectures in the areas of sport medicine, athlete development, and strength and conditioning for the Coaches Advancement Program offered by the Michigan High School Athletic Association (MHSAA). Prior to his academic appointment, Dr. Moreno was a gym owner in Mammoth Lakes, CA, and served as an intercollegiate assistant and graduate assistant strength and conditioning coach at Cal State Fullerton and Cal State Long Beach respectively.