ACL Post Rehabilitation- Success Story


My daughter Abby tore her ACL while playing soccer. We were familiar with Pryde Athletics as she had attended some speed and agility training sessions prior to her injury. She underwent surgery and routine physical therapy which helped her with maintain mobility and range of motion throughout the initial months of recuperation. Three months after surgery we returned to Pryde Athletics because her leg was very weak and her muscles were atrophied so much her injured leg’s thigh was half the size of the other. She wanted to make sure she was able to play her spring session with her school.  She attended twice weekly sessions at Pryde for two months and she gained strength with each session. Now that she has finished you can’t tell she had an injury and she is even stronger than she was before the injury. Her surgeon was so impressed with her strength and mobility that she was cleared to play within six months of her injury. I know that her rapid improvement is due to her hard work and excellent training which she received at Pryde athletics. The staff at Pryde not only pushed her physically but cheered her on and supported her through the hard work required. Pryde Athletics were experts at knowing which exercises were safe for her to do and also provided the most beneficial results to rehabilitate her. I have to say though, the physical improvements were one benefit but the most important thing for Abby was the psychological benefits that she received from the training. She was able to feel pride in her physical accomplishments again by setting goals and achieving them. Thank you Pryde athletics for getting my soccer player back to the pitch.

Dr. Jennifer Grant, DNP AGPCNP-BC


We have developed an injury prevention —system designed to assess potential ACL injury risk! With the assessment result in hand a program is then developed to train athletes in the correct biomechanics of landing, jumping and cutting. The goal is to strengthen and correct muscular imbalances which lead to ACL injuries. Studies have shown decreased incidences of non-collision ACL injuries in female athletes who have completed specific plyo-metric and prevention protocols. If an athlete has already suffered an ACL injury, do not worry! We are able to work with them in our post prehabilitation program after they successfully complete routine physical therapy. Our post-rehab program is 10 weeks long. However, depending on speed of progression some athlete finish earlier than others.

—This program is ideal any athlete. However, female athletes involved in soccer, basketball, volleyball, lacrosse and cheer or male athletes going through growth spirts will benefit tremendously for it.

—Why go through something that can be totally preventable?


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